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CMGP Value Add

What You Can Expect From CMGP



We bring uncomplicated capital to the ownership group. We are never early or late in a fund or subject to fund raising cycles. We have a singular desire to create market leading returns and we can invest long term if that is in the best interests of the business and owners. We bring significant equity relationships as needed to support growth, acquisitions, recapitalizations and exits.



We bring a ruthless focus on the disciplined acceleration of growth and maximization of owner ROI. We make available to our CEO’s our network, best practices and resources in key competencies that accelerate growth, specifically in customer acquisition, data readiness and technology to efficiently scale. We are willing to make an investment of time to understand the goals of all owners and to develop, validate and/or enhance the overall value creation plan.



We have served as founders, general managers, owners, investors and advisors from start up to Fortune 1000 environments. We understand what it takes to build companies and work as active partners with our owner / operators. We have worked with some of the most sophisticated companies and investors in the world but we are inherently Midwestern in how we conduct business. We are passionate about market leading returns and win / win outcomes.



We have no interest in running the business but will invest our time to assist the company and leadership on matters including strategy, M&A, global expansion, customer acquisition, operations, incentive compensation, finance and capital plans. We will only invest in 1-2 significant new investments a year so we can maximize our impact to the goal of market leading returns.

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