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What We Look For In Companies



We work with smart, down to earth, humble, high integrity individuals who hate losing almost as much as they like winning. We work with founders and investors who value active collaboration and have a passion for building sustainable companies for their employees, customers, partners, investors and families.


Customer Value

We help build companies that provide clear and compelling value to their customers, who have an understanding of the way their customer’s make purchase decisions, who create advantages versus the alternatives in the market, and understand how customer ROI is measured.


Market Opportunity

We like to understand if the company opportunity is driven by a defined market disruptor. We love fragmented markets with low customer and competitor concentration. We are confident in our ability to enhance a company’s ability to execute so we welcome growth opportunities tied to sales, product extensions and/or tuck in acquisitions.


Profitable Growth

We have had success by profitably growing companies versus growing to someday be profitable. We will invest to accelerate the growth of a business but we do so to bridge to profitability, to take advantage of a window of opportunity or to accelerate growth and profitability. Fundamental to any investment is a shared vision for a high growth business.

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